About us



The INGRADO company was founded in year 2005. Our aim at that time was to provide even higher quality of service to our clients, who have been cooperating with us within the framework of the OIKOS company. Initially, our offer included mainly cold room door hardware and accessories. Dynamically developing market of cool storage door has been a contributor to the rise of many companies, which started to offer a wide range of these products in Poland, at the beginning of the 21st century. Today, some of these companies are widely known in Europe and export their products to numerous foreign markets. From many years, we have a pleasure to provide them with elements and components needed in production of cold store door. 

Having evolved with the needs of our clients, we expanded our offer. To initially offered fasteners, hinges, gaskets, handles and sliding system parts, we added heating cables, which are an indispensable element of each cold room door. In this field we are cooperating with the CALORFLEX company, which provides us with heating cables and products which let us gain new groups of clients. CALORFLEX company specializes in the production of heating cables with silicone insulation. Therefore, their products turned out to be a perfect solution for the needs of cold store door manufacturers. Today, the circle of our clients includes leading wholesalers and suppliers of refrigeration equipment, who supply numerous installation companies with products necessary for refrigeration installation.

Another important moment in the history of our company was meeting Spanish company RALCO during Polagra fair in year 2005. Happily it occured that our stand was located across from the Spaniards. After a couple days of talks, we found their offer of refrigeration compressor spare parts very interesting. We have started a cooperation which lasts to date. Due to a broad offer of high-quality subassembly and short lead time we have gained many clients in the Polish market.

Through our operations, we try also to reach contractor companies which produce cold rooms. We became convinced that many of such companies decide to manufacture cold room doors. We have always attempted to support them with our knowledge and experience. Apart from mounting sets for cold store doors, we expanded our offer with pressure compensation valves, shelving, plinths and hygienic profiles.

We modify and expand our offer to meet the requirements of our clients and the evolving market.

We hope that soon we will be able to offer new innovative products. We are holding discussions with couple of potential suppliers...